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Jan 17, 2013 6:00am EST
the capacity engaged for decision making. that's three aspects that we are familiar with. and john wesley powell said in the late 1800s, wow, don't develop the colorado system, you're going to overuse it. but you know what? we're there. it's been a hundred years, more than a hundred years, and the system has provided the water for the needs in which it was first designed. those needs have changed. tsa what we haven't realized -- that's what we haven't realized. these other hases are, n., adding up to the cost. the cost -- the benefits of recreation on lake powell are now equal to the benefits of hydropower on that system. so we have to keep in mind these cross-scale impacts, but also a map onto the capabilities of people to respond. the type of plans, the type of impacts. we put into place the taylor grazing act in 1934, one of the best things we ever did. the question is can they address the state we're in? >> i'd like to go down the panel, and i'd like for the rest of the panelists to give a minute on what you feel is the best plan of attack then in the coming years to deal with drought
Jan 15, 2013 6:00am EST
chipman? >> thank you. chairman, members of the commission, on behalf of army secretary john mcewen, chief of staff, general ray odierno, thank you for the opportunity. sexual assault, as you know, is not just a military problem, it's a nationwide problem. one of the most difficult crimes to prosecute anywhere, sexual assault effects every sector of our society. the army, it destroys unit cohesion and morale and can devastate the lives of victims. it undercuts the trust that is so critical to mission accomplishment. leadership is the key to change, but accountability in our ranks remains critical in creating a command climate in which victims feel safe and confident reporting misconduct. the military justice system constitutes a modern criminal justice system. [inaudible] are trained practitioners who pursue both justice and the maintenance of good order and discipline in the force. our system is well equipped to meet the challenge of sexual assault. the unique role of the command orer, the wide range of disposition options and our modern comprehensive statutes provide the tools necessary
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
with middle school kids. >> and his name is john, and he is sitting right over there. he's an accident educator. he is coming into my seminar in theology and science next week to explain stem cell science and cell biology to a bunch of graduate students in philosophy and theology. >> oh, good luck on that. >> aha ha ha. [laughter] >> calm down. because we started late we were bound this another 15 minutes to a footnote i got here to meghan, and afterwards we will break and continue the discussion for all the amazing questions after. if you have a point of order? you have to get in line for questions unfortunately. please. >> so, i'm wondering our site is the wrong people to ask about stem cell technology? the reason i say that in order to get what they are scientists have to be skilled at solving technical problems like integrals are taking careful measurements. but they don't have to be skilled at understanding economics or knowing what makes a good business model or understanding societal pressures. so would it be better to have on this panel a historian of science or economic histor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3